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Who Dunnit? A Game of Frauds (Ethics) - (2 CE)

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Who Dunnit? A Game of Frauds (Ethics)

IRS Program #: X9QQU-E-00785-21-O/S
CE: 2
Speaker: R. Kevin Cross

Participants will discover how to deter and to detect fraud in its various formsby being immersed as suspects in an actual case.

•Introduction to epidemic of fraud
•Learning the language of fraud
•Getting into the mind of a fraudster
•What does the enneagram type say about fraudsters?
•The high cost of fraud
•Fraud vs. Negligence
•Types of Fraud
•Who commits fraud
•The “Fraud Triangle”
•The “Fraud Diamond”
•Detection vs Deterrence
•Common scams
•Red Flags
•Detection & sleuth techniques
•"To Catch a Thief -A Game of Fraud” -$300,000 is missing and one of you is the culprit!, You will use these techniques and insights to solve an actual fraud case. The audience is turned into suspects and the perpetrator has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars! In this fast-paced session you will solve this actual fraud case.

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