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Tax Titans Platform Usage - Sponsored by Tax Titans

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Tax Titans Platform Usage - Sponsored by Tax Titans

The webinar is designed to help enrolled agents understand the new Tax Titans platform. The purpose of the platform is to allow enrolled agents and other tax professionals to acquire new clients and work through an online marketplace similar to other online marketplaces such as Amazon, Airbnb, or Priceline.


  • Alan Blakeborough, CEO of Tax Titans

    Alan Blakeborough "Blake" as his friends and colleagues refer to him, is a serial entrepreneur. One of the crazy ones. He has an accounting degree and calls himself a recovering accountant. He is also a military mustang (enlisted converted to officer). He has served as both an infantry officer and a tank officer.

    He created the Olympic fencing school model in the USA in 1994, Knights of Siena, after he left the military and has opened over 60 fencing academies over the past 25 years. He launched the first and only attempt at a Professional Fencing League in the world, the event was on ABC for four glorious months. Unfortunately, it could generate enough sponsorship funds to continue. Best $500k he ever lost.

    He has opened coffee shops and gaming stores through the Carolinas that have served the gaming community and created the gaming café concept in 2000.

    He created an online platform for micro-tutoring called Teach Me Morpheus, that never got enough traction. Blake also has help create housing for homeless veterans through the conversion of shipping containers into tiny homes.

    Tax Titan's is his latest and last big, very big project. One that he feels will be his legacy. Tax Titans is a veteran-owned business that provides a platform for small businesses to receive bids/quotes from qualified and vetted tax professionals. This revolutionary platform will provide the tax professionals the ability to market their services to 32 million small businesses across the USA without a referral fee!

    This last project has led Blake on a journey across the USA. He has attended dozens of tax and accounting practices. Set up and talked with hundreds of small businesses at conventions and even landed on a reality show called The Blox. He is on season 6. He has been accepted and graduated from the Fintech program in Charlotte NC, called RevTech Labs. This program has been instrumental in the success of Tax Titans and has had him participate in FinCon22, Fintech Sandbox, ATDC and be part of the Atlanta Tech Village

    Tax Titans will be instrumental in the launch of Titan AF, Donuts N Dreams, The Last Musketeer and a program with Skillbridge in which hundreds, if not thousands of veterans and military spouses will be about to achieve financial independence.

March 1, 2023
Wed 1:00 PM EST

Duration 1H 0M

This live web event has ended.