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Stock Options

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Stock Options
IRS Program #:
CTEC #: 6257-CE-0140
CE: 2 IRS & 2 CTEC credits
Speaker: Chelsea Rustek, EA

Stock options are provided for work done which makes them earned income, not investment income. The advantage of stock options over wages is that, with tax planning and patience, most can be taxed at the capital gains rate. This class will discuss the different types of stock options (ISOs, RSUs, RSAs, NQSOs, etc.) as well as ESPPs. It will also cover how the different options can change from taxable wages to investment income for tax purposes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the various stock options — ISOs, RSUs, RSAs, NQSOs.
  • Interpret RSU confirmation documentation.
  • Describe 83B election and RSAs.
  • Describe 83i election and when it can be used.
  • Explain ESPPs and their taxation.
  • Understand when AMT becomes an issue for ISOs, how it is reported, and how a taxpayer receives AMT credit.


  • Chelsea Rustek, EA

    Chelsea is an Enrolled Agent, working in the taxation field since 2014, with a concentrated focus on individual and small business tax preparation. She graduated from Saint Leo University with her bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Chelsea is a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents and the Florida Association of Enrolled Agents. She is also a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor and Florida Notary. 

    Chelsea’s background includes stock option compensation ranging from mergers &acquisitions, Restricted Stock Options, Incentive Stock Options, Employee Stock Purchase Plans, and Non-Qualified Stock Options. In addition, she is familiar with IPOs for many companies and can help clients to plan for these large tax events. Her advanced knowledge of these topics helps clients with their tax preparation and planning.  Working hand and hand with the financial advisors to mitigate tax risks and burdens.

June 27, 2023
Tue 3:00 PM EDT

Duration 2H 0M

This live web event has ended.