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Fusion Week 2021


Fusion Week is NAEP's four-day interactive, virtual event focused on connecting Higher Education Procurement Professionals to each other, providing relevant education, and sharing timely information to navigate the rapid changes they face on campuses today. The 2021 Fusion Week will feature four unique focused learning workshops.

Through virtual delivery, you and your team can engage from wherever you are most comfortable. With a variety of ways to continue learning and connecting, Fusion Week is structured to minimize the time away from your daily duties while maximizing your budget and knowledge.

With up to 12 hours of education tailored to the complex role of Higher Educational Procurement, Fusion Week provides you with the tools you need to meet today’s demands. Using the Fusion Learning Portal each attendee’s activity is automatically recorded on their transcript for easy management of certification and recertification needs.

Click on each day for more information or to purchase.


You can choose how you and your team attend Fusion Week, whether you’re all in for the Full Fusion Week All-Access Pass or just attending a day Institute, registration is easy! We are offering discounted rates for NAEP Members, groups of 4 or more from the same organization registering for the full Fusion Week, and Fusion Week Attendees will have the opportunities to register for our On-Demand Institutes at a discounted rate.

If you would like to register a group of 4 or more, please contact us at to get the discount.

In response to members' requests for virtual education, NAEP is offering a special introductory rate for our On Demand courses and Fusion Week. Thanks to our Business Partners, we can offer these educational opportunities at over 50% off previous NAEP education.

Full Fusion Week This is your all-access pass to all the Fusion Week events and workshops. Daily Workshop Can't make the full week? Join us for just a day, or two! Group of 4+ Full Week Groups of 4 or more from the same organization for the full Fusion Week. On-Demand Institute Keep the momentum! Add on our NEW Self-Paced Institutes for a deeper dive!
$475 $135 $420 $170
$340 $95 $300 $120