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NAPO University will be under construction for a short time to complete some updates.
Thank you for your patience!

Course Numbering Changes
With the development of NAPO University and plans for continued future growth, it has become necessary to change the numbering system in the LMS now to account for the amount of digits we will need for the future. With 5 different class levels, this will allow us to go beyond the current option of 100 classes per level which we would have exceeded in a few years.

Please note the class numbering system changes outline below. We will no longer be calling classes PO###.

New Course Numbering System
The new system reflects the type of class/ level of class / class number.
For example, class PO214 will now appear as OD 2-214.

Class Type
L = Live
OD = OnDemand
CR = Conference Recording

Class Level
1 = beginner
2 = intermediate (2-5yrs)
3 = advanced (5+yrs)
4 = general
5 = leadership

Course Numbers
Most courses will range in number from 0-999 for each level.