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Ask the Pro: Working In Not On Your Business

This one-hour webinar emphasizes the value of taking time to plan and work on your business. Through lively and collaborative discussion Tenna and Samantha generously share their processes and best practices for revising what hasn't worked as well as their favorite tools of the trade they use when working on their own businesses. Emily and Geralin ask questions from the viewpoints of productivity consultant and home organizer.

Learning Objectives

  • Review the Evolution of the Industry and What it Means, in Today's Terms, to Work On Your Business
  • Generate Ideas for Automating Your Business Process
  • Discuss Best Practices for On-boarding New Clients
  • Explore Ideas for Creating and Integrating Online Courses and Products


  • Samantha PointerTechnology Organizing Consultant & Automation Strategist, Samantha Pointer Enterprises
  • Tenna Rasmussen, Professional Organizer, Organized to a T & Social Media Stylist, Easy Breezy Creative