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OD2-229 Home Disaster Preparedness

Course Description
Everybody’s home and each family are different. And there are many kinds of disasters: natural, technical, and intentional. How is it possible, then, to have an effective disaster plan for you and your family? By using a principle called All-Hazards. The first module of this course explains All-Hazards and the three main self-reliant practices at its heart: Shelter-in-Place, a Communication Plan, and Evacuation. These practices are then further explained in 3 modules. Home Disaster Preparedness is one of the most important activities you can engage in to protect yourself and your family, and it’s an easy value-add service to offer your clients.

Learning Objectives
1. Understand the concept of All-Hazards and how to apply it to their own situation.
2. Contribute to the safety of the broader community by being disaster prepared.
3. Know how to provision, plan and prepare for sheltering-in-place.
4. Know the elements of a communication plan and the ‘next steps’ in devising the plan.
5. Be able to deploy alternative means of communication when cell phone service is compromised.
6. Know how to create an evacuation plan.
7. Plan time to practice the plan and to assemble grab and go bags.

Instructor: Judith Kolberg
Total Time: 110 minutes
CEUs: 2.0 

Code Words
Please be sure to listen for and record the code words given during the presentation. The instructor will explicitly verbalize code words periodically throughout the class (i.e. "The first code word is...") Note: Not all instructors give code words. If you do not hear any, please indicate "none given" on the course evaluation.