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OD4-429 Creating Your Own Buzz: Branding & Marketing for Organizing & Productivity Consultants

Instructor: Geralin Thomas
Total Time: 4 hours
CEUs: 4.0

Course Description
You may have a business name and a logo, but do you have a brand and a marketing strategy? "Creating Buzz" for your business is a two-part process — create the message, and deliver it to the right people. Take this class if you are ready to create YOUR buzz and:

  • Learn to communicate through your business via thoughtful design and creation
  • Determine what you want your brand to be and how to keep it consistent
  • Develop a comprehensive brand and marketing strategy for your business that you can launch as soon as you get home
You create your message through “Branding” — the process of being thoughtful about who you are and what you communicate to your target market. With “Marketing” you get your message out to the places it will be seen and heard by the people most likely to respond. Figuring out those places and people is part of the challenge.

Understanding your vision, mission, and service in order to develop your public-facing persona — brand, marketing, PR and advertising — allows you to connect meaningfully with potential clients. During this four-hour course, NAPO instructor Geralin Thomas will inspire in you a deeper appreciation for the art and craft of branding and marketing. 

Learning Objectives
At the end of this course, attendees will be able to:
  1. Define branding: what it is and what it does
  2. Recognize branding visual elements: logo, typography, colors, shape; the overall look and feel
  3. Identify branding verbal elements: brand name, tagline, brand positioning statement, vision, mission statement
  4. Express your company culture through branding
  5. Define public relations: what it is and what it does
  6. Define sales + advertising: what they are and what they do
  7. Define marketing: what it is and what it does
  8. Implement tailored, budget-friendly marketing strategies, including the tools, apps and social media platforms that work best for your target audiences and messages
  9. Create and market a cohesive brand for your company

This class requires the passing of a knowledge assessment (quiz) to obtain the certificate of course completion.

Code Words
Please be sure to listen for and record the code words given during the presentation. The instructor will explicitly verbalize code words periodically throughout the class (i.e. "The first code word is...") Note: Not all instructors give code words. If you do not hear any, please indicate "none given" on the course evaluation.