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OD3-315 Lead From Within: Working Effectively Within a Team

Instructor: Miriam Ortiz y Pino
Approx. Time: 90 minutes
CEU: 1.5 

Course Description
Teamwork for control freaks is hard. These strategies for communication, accountability and excellence will help you and your clients create the flexible structure where focus, collaboration and action thrive. Being able to adapt and support in ways that allow everyone to shine is a key leadership, creativity and productivity skill that every PO/PC needs to do their best work and make a bigger impact on their client's efficiency.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify 3 key roles and characteristics that all groups have in common using the Key Role template to pick the right people for the job.
  2. Articulate the difference between Objectives and Desired Outcomes based on the chart to generate and maintain momentum.
  3. Create communication structure based on the chosen process to simplify follow up and achieve desired outcome.
  4. Decrease stress by incorporating a “Be Better Mindset” in team activities.
  5. Distinguish between “Tyrant Time and Power Time” to increase the efficiency of the group.

This class requires the passing of a knowledge assessment (quiz) to obtain the certificate of course completion.