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OD3-317 Successful Technology Assessment and Implementation

Instructor: Lori Vande Krol
Approx. Time: 2 hours
CEU: 2.0

Course Description
Individuals and businesses waste too much time, energy, and money when choosing the wrong technology solution to fit their needs and/or by poorly implementing the chosen system. With the right tools and processes in place, we can help our clients take the time needed to assess their vision and need, review and choose the most optimal tool, and implement the system efficiently and effectively.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the value of effective assessment and implementation of technology.
  2. Define ‘the productivity paradox’.
  3. Express the importance of a holistic view of technology.
  4. Know how to complete a technology needs analysis with a client.
  5. Learn tips and tools for effective research and analysis of potential technology solutions.
  6. Illustrate methods for presenting analysis and results to clients.
  7. Understand the important parts of a technology implementation plan.
  8. Express company/team and individual responsibilities in technology implementation.
This class requires the passing of a knowledge assessment (quiz) to obtain the certificate of course completion.