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December 8 & 15, 2021 Preparing for the CPO Exam

Instructor: Leslie Walden
Course Time: 4 hours
  • Session 1 = 2 hours
  • Session 2 = 2 hours
CEU: 4.0

Course Description
This 4-hour study prep course prepares you for questions on all the subjects in the BCPO® Exam Content Outline. It provides specific strategies for test-taking, terms you need to know, and organizing concepts. It even has 25 mock exam questions to help you become familiar with the style of questions included in the certification exam.

This course presents content for all levels of organizing professionals preparing to take the exam, soon or down the road. Attendees will participate in discussions and provide one short book summary.

Each student also receives a copy of the e-book, Guide for Preparing for the BCPO® Certified Professional Organizer® Exam.

Learning Objectives
  1. Learn what is needed to become a CPO®
  2. Understand the BCPO Exam Content Outline
  3. Learn in a supportive environment and identify areas of need
  4. Build test taking skills to boost your confidence
  5. Apply your knowledge and test-taking strategies to sample exam questions

Disclaimer: NAPO University cannot guarantee that you will pass the CPO Exam after taking this course. This course was designed to review the BCPO Exam Content Outline and to prepare you for potential concepts you may encounter on the exam.