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SIG: Going Paperless: The Reality for Individuals and Businesses

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Open SIG Call: Technology Organizing

This Technology Organizing SIG call starts with the presentation "Getting Started on Going Paperless" presented by Penny Catterall, owner and founder of Order Your Life LLC. The presentation is geared towards individuals who are learning about the paperless process. The second half of the call is a panel discussion about going paperless for businesses, including how the process differs for businesses and challenges that are often faced. Our panel includes three organizers experienced in helping businesses go paperless: Jan Lehman, CEO of CTC Productivity, Kim Oser CPO®, owner of Need Another You, and Heather Sontag, owner of Serene Space Organizing and Coaching.


  1. Explain when and why it is helpful to go paperless, and in what circumstances it is appropriate and necessary to keep paper. 
  2. Share apps and tools to help you and your clients eliminate unnecessary paper from overtaking your life. 
  3. Provide multiple points of view and experiences in taking a business paperless.  
  4. Answer basic questions about the mechanics of a typical paperless process for a business.
  • Penny Catterall
  • Jan Lehman 
  • Kim Oser, CPO®
  • Heather Sontag