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Ask The Pro: Make Money Without Leaving Your House: Creating Alternate Income Streams

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Ask the Pro Series

Tired of having to look through your windshield to earn money to pay your bills? Wish you could go on a vacation and still make money while you're gone? In this episode of Ask The Pro, we will discuss a variety of alternate income stream options you can put in place to create passive and ongoing income so you have more revenues, time, and freedom in your business!

Goals & Objectives

  1. Inspire attendees to consider diversifying their income and leveraging their time through alternate income streams.
  2. Enable attendees to evaluate and choose which, if any, alternate / passive income streams they're interested in pursuing.
  3. Provide concrete "how-to" steps and technology tool suggestions that will help attendees execute on creating information products to sell.
  4. Help attendees understand the importance of creating a continuing conversation with prospects and clients.
Joe Hart is a 30 year-old tumbling Director and Cheerleading Coach in New Jersey. His message is simple: Mindset, Motivation, and Money. He's created multiple streams of income for himself and family through social platforms and he teaches others to do the same with his online video course called The Art of Flipping.