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CR 2-211 The Chronic-ness of Chronic Disorganization (1-2)

4 Course items

Many professional organizers say that they do not work with chronically disorganized clients. A smaller percentage, however, would agree that most people who seek the services of a professional organizer share one or more characteristics of being chronically disorganized. So, which is it? How does one tell? What does it really mean to be chronically disorganized? And how does the professional organizer deal with the chronic-ness of chronic disorganization? Using case studies and client challenges, this session is designed for a beginner audience of professional organizers.


  • Understand brain type and the critical role of the brain's executive functions and dysfunctions
  • Identify when "disorganization" becomes "chronic disorganization
  • Recognize the range of factors associated with chronic disorganization
  • Develop strategies for working in households with both CD and non-CD family members
Regina Lark, Ph.D., CPO®, CPO-CD®