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CR 4-622 The WOW Factor: Creating Brand Ambassadors For Your Business (2-3)

This session, The WOW Factor: Creating Brand Ambassadors For Your Business, shares the secrets of today's top companies and how they not only attract customers, but turn them into loyal customers. Small businesses and large corporations, in order to succeed, should know how to "WOW" their customers in order to outperform and outshine their competition. This session will share the key principles of creating a positive experience that customers won't forget along with turning problems into opportunities. Professional organizers work closely with customers, sometimes in a very personal way. Consistency, standards, communication, AND going above and beyond to "WOW" customers will create those relationships that will bring long term business that everyone will be talking about!


  • Deliver "WOW" service...not what's expected
  • Create customer loyalty....not one-time deals
  • Transform complaints into opportunities....not bad reviews
  • Be the company that's remembered....not forgotten