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CR 2-613 What’s ADHD Got to do With It?: Getting and Keeping Your Clients in Action (4-2)

4 Course items

Do your clients have problems staying focused? Does their motivation wane? Are both of you frustrated because they don’t follow through? Whether your clients have ADHD or not, when they don’t take action, progress stops dead in its tracks.
This session will be led by Laurie Dupar, trained Psychiatric Mental Health Practitioner and 12 year credentialed ADHD life coach. Laurie is a world recognized ADHD expert known for her engaging, content filled, story-telling presenting style. Stop the frustration and exhaustion of trying to get your client to follow through. Attendance in one of her sessions will have you taking away concrete strategies and behind the scenes “secret sauce” tips for getting and keeping your clients moving forward and getting it done.


  • Describe at least three ways to keep clients focused, committed, and engaged for the long haul
  • Learn three key obstacles that impede client follow through and what they can do about them
  • Techniques, strategies, and tools they can use right away for activating their clients, keeping them focused, and following through