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CR 4-621 Tackle Your Client's Digital Photo Collection (6-4)

4 Course items

The statics are incredible; over 880 billion photos will be taken in 2014, 200,000 photos are uploaded to Facebook every minute, and 76% of all consumers' now have their photos on 5 to 7 different devices and locations. How can the average person possibly keep track of their ballooning collection of photos when they have no plan and are overwhelmed? People are looking for help and professional organizers are well suited to meet this growing challenge. This session will help you “unlock” the secrets of digital photo organization so you can return home and immediately provide assistance to your customers.


  • Recognize and identify the 4 top challenges their client's face: Digital Images scattered on multiple devices (mobile phone, tablet, computer, internet and social media sites); Insufficient back up plans and a general lack of understanding about best practices; Confusion and technology fears with software choices, apps, cloud services, etc.; A lack of knowledge regarding organizing strategies and best practices to avoid digital photo chaos
  • Learn simple strategies to help clients immediately gain control of the thousands of digital images on their multiple devices, and how to implement a sustainable system of continued support
  • Participants will learn how to help their clients identify the WHY & WHEN they take photos, so they can create a backup plan to help their clients safeguard their digital photo life going forward
  • Learn the pros & cons of different photo managing programs including programs for both the MAC and PC user
  • Learn how to use a photo needs analysis so they can identify their client’s most pressing concerns and help develop a plan to assist them