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CR 4-416 Finding Flow: Understanding Your Client’s Style Preferences

Organizing and productivity professionals use different assessment strategies with clients to determine gaps. This leaves it "up to the professional" to come up with solutions for clients. Sometimes solutions are based on the expert's preferences or are often limited to products and off-the-shelf solutions already available on the market. This assessment approach to flow is client focused and provides an objective basis upon which client's style preferences are assessed. Behavioral anchors help clients self-identify and intuitively learn what will work for them, based on their natural, already-in-place behaviors. Style acceptance empowers ownership for time and space struggles and offers clients the ability to flex their behaviors. This assessment is a tool for professionals to instantly increase client skills-transfer.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand 'Flow' and its characteristics in behavior
  • Understand six Time Style Preferences and Behavioral Anchors associated with managing time
  • Understand six Space Style Preferences and Behavioral Anchors associated with managing space
  • Understand Flow In Action Model™ and the Free Decision Model™
  • Embrace natural Time & Space Style Preferences