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OD4-403 Managing Client Expectations

The client, upset with himself, stops his professional organizer on her way out the door. Because he’d spent so much time talking in this session, the work on the spare bedroom didn’t get finished. It turns out he needed to get it done in time for weekend visitors. Although he already paid for the session, he asks for on-the-spot consulting to finish the job himself. How do we manage clients’ expectations to avoid scenarios like these? No matter what your experience level, we’re always responsible for managing client expectations throughout the project. For new organizers, this class is ideal for putting the best practices in place and for veteran organizers, it's an opportunity to reexamine client relationships. I discuss setting expectations up front, resetting expectations when necessary, and performing reality checks. With the popularity of televised “before and after” makeovers showing instant results, it is important to bring preconceived notions out into the open. I use specific examples like the one above to explain techniques that successfully manage expectations while remaining sensitive to clients’ emotions and feelings.