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Specialist Certificate: Workplace Productivity

If your business focus is working with micro and small businesses, the workplace productivity track is a great place to start building your knowledge and hone in on this market. This educational track will help you to strengthen your foundation in workplace productivity through the development of three basic class divisions. Choosing classes from each division will equip the workplace productivity consultant with a well-rounded diversity of knowledge.
  • The Core classes focus on factors affecting managing business aspects like planning, staffing, and business issues and productivity including project and team management. 
  • The Client Interaction classes focus on ways in which you inter-personally relate to your clients through recognition and boundaries and help you to connect with your clients to provide a teaching environment. 
  • The Skills classes offer a variety of subjects to sharpen already present skill sets or to add new tools to your toolbox to expand your marketability for helping business clients remain relevant in a demanding professional environment.

Once you have completed the courses for a NAPO Specialist Certificate, you hold a certificate but you are not “certified” and may not describe yourself as such.

Course Requirements

You must be a
NAPO Professional Member to obtain a Specialist Certificate.
You must complete a minimum of eight (8) courses in the following:

Core Courses (Minimum of 2)

Client Interaction Courses
(Minimum of 2)

Skills Courses
(Minimum of 4)

Additional Course Information
  • Some courses are listed in multiple Specialist Certificate tracks. Two of the courses may be applied to no more than two tracks. 
  • To qualify, courses must have been taken within a 2-year window, prior to submitting your NAPO Specialist Certificate application.

Purchase Options
Course Collection Bundle E-Learning Advantage Bundle
Purchase  Individually
Specialist Certificate bundles can be purchased at $325 for members. These bundles include all of the classes listed on the tracking worksheet, which allows you to complete the 8 required classes plus all of the other classes listed above. If you are interested in earning all NAPO Specialist Certificates (Household Management, Life Transitions, Residential Organizing, and Workplace Productivity) we suggest you review the benefits of the E-Learning Advantage priced at $1099. The cost of coursework for each certificate begins around $350 for the on-demand sessions. Click the course links above for individual class pricing.

Applying for Your Certificate

To Obtain Your Certificate
  • Complete the required specialist certificate courses
  • Complete the NAPO Specialist Certificate application located below.
  • You must be a Professional Member in good standing at the time of application.

Application Review
Your application will be reviewed. If the NAPO Specialist Certificate requirements are met, you will be sent your NAPO Specialist Certificate digital web badge from NAPO Digital Badging. 

NAPO Digital Badging

What is a Digital Badge?
A digital badge is a validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality, or interest that can be earned in many learning environments.* NAPO issues digital badges to Specialist Certificate holders and CPOs to make it easier for you to provide validation of earned certificates and credentials to your clients and colleagues.

In order to make your clients aware of your specialized education and/or CPO status, these digital badges can be shared via digital media platforms, as part of your email signature, or on your website. When someone clicks on the badge image, the link will bring them to your personal validation page on the NAPO Digital Badging website which provides official confirmation of your certificate status.

* Click here for more information on Digital Badging