Specialist Certificate: Workplace Productivity

If your business focus is working with micro and small businesses, the workplace productivity track is a great place to start building your knowledge and hone in on this market. This educational track will help you to strengthen your foundation in workplace productivity through the development of three basic class divisions. Choosing classes from each division will equip the workplace productivity consultant with a well-rounded diversity of knowledge:
  • The Core classes focus on factors affecting managing business aspects like planning, staffing, and business issues and productivity including project and team management. 
  • The Client Interaction classes focus on ways in which you inter-personally relate to your clients through recognition and boundaries and help you to connect with your clients to provide a teaching environment. 
  • The Skills classes offer a variety of subjects to sharpen already present skill sets or to add new tools to your toolbox to expand your marketability for helping business clients remain relevant in a demanding professional environment.

Course Requirements

You must be a
NAPO Professional Member to obtain a Specialist Certificate.
You must complete a minimum of eight (8) courses in the following:
  • Two Core Courses
    • OD1-110 Going Paperless to Boost Productivity
    • OD2-206 Project Management for Professional Organizers
    • OD2-213 Productivity Chain Assessment
    • OD3-306 Applying the Science of Time Management
    • OD4-404 Classic Time Management Systems
  • Two Client Interaction Courses
    • OD3-301 Transference of Organizational Skills
    • OD3-303 Understanding Learning and Thinking Styles
    • OD4-401 The Magic of Motivating
    • OD4-403 Managing Client Expectations
  • Four Skills Courses
    • OD1-111 Technology Solutions for Happier Clients
    • CR1-112 Utilizing Lean Principles in Home and Office Environments
    • CR1-115 Eliminate Email Overwhelm for You and Your Clients
    • CR2-212 Art of Tactical Time Management
    • OD2-214 Digital Disorganization
    • CR2-215 Holistic Time Management
    • CR2-216 Organizing Electronic Documents and Records in Cloud-Based Systems
    • CR2-223 Organizing the Absent Minded Professor
    • CR2-225 How to Prioritize When Everything's Important
    • CR3-309 Bridging to Corporate Organizing and Productivity

Additional Course Information

  • Some courses are listed in both the Workplace Productivity and Residential Organizing Specialist Certificates. Two of the courses may be applied to both the Workplace Productivity and Residential Organizing tracks.
  • To qualify, courses must have been taken within a 2-year window, prior to submitting your NAPO Specialist Certificate application.* 
Note: In the attached Tracking Worksheet, you're instructed to add code words. Not all classes contain code words, but most of them do. Feel free to leave blank those classes which do not have code words.

Applying for your Certificate

To Obtain Your Certificate:
  • Complete the required specialist certificate courses
  • All classes must be completed and documented through NAPO University.
  • Complete the NAPO Specialist Certificate application located below.
  • You must be a Professional Member in good standing at the time of application. 

Your application will be reviewed. If the NAPO Specialist Certificate requirements are met, you will be sent your NAPO Specialist Certificate digital web badge within 14 days of receipt of your application.

Note: your completed application for the NAPO Specialist Certificate is subject to detailed audit.

Any conference recording that goes back beyond two years no longer counts because there was a 90 day grace period to use them. When someone applies for a Specialist Track from this point going forward, their classes have to all have been taken in a two year period, and have to be completed and documented through NAPO University.

You may remember, we offered a special Introductory-Roll Out period in which members could apply for a Specialist Certificate and use classes they had previously completed at any point in their professional development. Now that that period has ended, all applicants for Specialist Certificates are required to have completed their Specialist Certificate classes within the two years prior to submitting their application. For example, if you submit your application on February 1, 2017, you are certifying that the classes you chose on your application were completed between February 1, 2015 and February 1, 2017 and not outside of that window. Most of our NAPO Specialist Certificate classes are offered on-demand, and with the new NAPO University site and bundles like Passion for Learning, they are easier than ever to afford and access.

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