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OD2-213 Productivity Chain Assessment

In the workplace, productivity is all that matters. While being organized helps achieve that end, it is not enough. Our clients need concrete skills in a variety of areas to achieve consistent optimal productivity. Our needs assessments must reflect this fact.

During this session, you will learn the twelve factors that determine an individual's personal productivity, how these factors interrelate, and the value of applying such a comprehensive framework with your clients. You will be better able to assess your clients' productivity strengths and weaknesses and identify which skills they need the most. Best of all, you will broaden your clients' perspective of what being productive requires. You thus help them embark on lifelong journeys of growing ever more effective and creating the lives they want.

While Casey's 2007 “Assessing the Office Client” talk focused on the assessment PROCESS, this session plumbs the depths of the productivity-related assessment CONTENT. Whether you are new to the field or have spent years helping clients in the work setting, you can benefit from exploring this innovative and thorough approach to assessing the office client's productivity.