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Household Management Specialist Certificate REQUIRED COURSES

The Household Management Specialist Certificate will help Professional Organizers and Productivity Consultants build structures and systems to better facilitate their clients’ daily activities, address their household needs, and optimize the information that flows through their homes. The result is a household that effectively handles the everyday, common, and unexpected situations that come their way.

Topics include: Household Operations, Information Systems, Financial Systems, Family & Household Member Communication, Home Productivity, Disaster Preparedness.

Total Time: 14 hours and 30 minutes
CEUs: 14.5 

What You'll Learn
Participants will develop specialist knowledge and skills in household management solutions and systems development to help clients manage daily home-life, and be prepared for unexpected occurrences.

Upon completion, the participant will be able to:

  1. Create personalized systems and share efficient household practices that increase clients’ effectiveness in operating their household.
  2. Design and implement household financial management and information systems.
  3. Develop strategies for families to increase daily efficiency and productivity, reduce stress, and celebrate special moments.
  4. Implement systems to help clients handle the expected and unexpected, unique to their location, dwelling, and household members’ needs.

Certificate Requirements
  • Creating a Household Management Information System (OD1-119)
  • Household Bootcamp (OD2-228)
  • Home Disaster Preparedness (OD2-229)
  • Dollars and Sense: Financial Organizing for the Household (OD3-311)
  • Organizing Solutions For Overwhelmed Families (CR1-116)
  • Behind the Scenes of the Successful Organized Family: Teaching Clients to be "The CEO of their Household" (CR4-680)
  • In Five Minutes or Less, Would Your Clients be Ready for Anything? (CR4-672)
  • ADHD in the Family: How to REALLY Help (CR 4-408)

Purchase Options

Certificate Bundle E-Learning Advantage Bundle
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Price: $349
Our best education value! Members will have access to all on-demand, pre-recorded courses including Introductory, Professional Practice courses, all certificate bundles, and conference recordings. Access expires 18 months from the date of purchase.
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