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Brain-Based Conditions Specialist Certificate REQUIRED COURSES

The Brain-Based Conditions Specialist Certificate will help Professional Organizers and Productivity Consultants develop a foundational knowledge for working with clients experiencing symptoms or having diagnoses of brain based conditions. NAPO Education's Team of Experts has defined a brain-based condition (BBC) as anything that causes a person to have ongoing difficulty or challenging differences with cognition, emotion, socialization, or behavior.

Total Time: 12 hours 

What You'll Learn
The participant will gain the knowledge, skills, and understanding of how to work with clients with Brain-Based Conditions.

Upon completion, the participant will be able to:

  1. Explain the ethics and boundaries of competence of the Professional Organizer or Productivity Consultant working with clients living with BBCs.
  2. Identify physical, mental, emotional, and environmental challenges that may impact daily living.
  3. Identify behaviors and symptoms the client may be living with and potential stigmas associated with those symptoms and conditions.
  4. Develop a working vocabulary, definitions, and terminology.
  5. Use "person-first" language and empowering strategies to talk with clients about symptoms and conditions."

Certificate Requirements
  • Ethics and Policies for Working with Clients with Brain-Based Conditions
  • Beyond Awareness: Understanding Complex Conditions in Your Clients
  • Effective Strategies For Organizing Children With Brain-Based Conditions
  • Communicating with Clients Who Exhibit Emotional Difficulties
  • Working Smart Together: Preparing for Conversations with Clients Living with Diagnoses
  • It's a No-Brainer! Understanding the Brain's Impact on Organizing Abilities

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