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Team Productivity Specialist Certificate REQUIRED COURSES

The Team Productivity Specialist Certificate gives participants the skills to help clients increase individual and team productivity, by sharing strategies to identify challenges and implement changes. Whether your client works as a member of a corporation, a small business, or is a solopreneur, this track will build your expertise in boosting their individual productivity, leadership skills and team productivity.

Total Time: 14 hours 

What You'll Learn
The Professional Consultant will understand the foundations of team productivity and be able to incorporate these skills to increase client leadership and team member productivity in a team setting.

Upon completion, the participant will be able to:

  1. Describe and apply effective leadership principles proven to result in desired outcomes.
  2. Describe the diversity of team structures and how to address the strengths and challenges within a team unique to their mission, environment, and capabilities.
  3. Develop and implement solutions to optimize team productivity through client processes, systems, technology, and tools.
  4. Develop and implement team-centric strategies to boost individual productivity and how team members successfully contribute to team goal achievement.

Certificate Requirements
  • Optimized Team Productivity: Principles of Effective Leadership
  • Optimized Team Productivity: Workplace Tools, Systems, and Processes¬†
  • Project Management for Teams
  • Lead from Within: Working Effectively Within a Team
  • Time Planning to Enhance Team Productivity
  • Successful Technology Assessment and Implementation
  • Boost Productivity Using Creative Problem-Solving
In order to earn a NAPO Specialist Certificate, you must be a NAPO Professional Member in good standing. All new NAPO members start at Provisional membership status. To upgrade to Professional Membership status, you must complete Going Pro: The Professional Practices Courses.

Purchase Options

Certificate Bundle E-Learning Advantage Bundle
NAPO Members can purchase Certificate Bundles at a discounted cost. These bundles include all required courses plus the optional resources for further study. Access expires 1 year (365 days) from the date of purchase.
Price: $349
Our best education value! Members will have access to all on-demand, pre-recorded courses including Introductory, Professional Practice courses, all certificate bundles, and conference recordings. Access expires 18 months from the date of purchase.
Price: $1399