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OD3-306 Applying the Science of Time Management

Time management strategies abound, but how do you know which ones to suggest for each client? And why do so many clients struggle with implementing those strategies to pursue the goals that they say they value? This presentation will go beyond basic time management strategies and take a deeper look at the science of time awareness and time management. We will discuss how the concepts of time horizon and temporal discounting relate to how we see and feel time. We all struggle to pursue important but perhaps less interesting long-term goals while resisting the distractions and temptations of the moment. By understanding how time horizon and temporal discounting affect what we do and when, you will be able to work more effectively with clients to help them identify their goals and pursue them more productively. You will probably find these concepts helpful in your own life, too, and may even find that it fundamentally changes how you think about productivity.
This is an expanded version of the webinar that Dr. Tuckman did for the coaching SIG that includes more than twice as much material, including a section on how time management begins with attention management.
Attendees will be able to explain why people struggle to pursue long-term goals.
Attendees will be able to apply the concept of time horizon to help clients see time more effectively.
Attendees will be able to apply the concept of temporal discounting to help clients feel time more effectively.