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CR 1-115 Eliminate Email Overwhelm for You and Your Clients

Those two little words – Email Overwhelm – create a pit in most of our stomachs, because we can relate to the sinking feeling of an overloaded inbox. The goal of this breakout session is to eliminate that sinking feeling. Here's How: First we'll talk about email folders. You will learn how the use of folders can be helpful or harmful, depending on how your brain works. We'll discuss multiple options with and without using folders. Next you will discover what filters are and how creating them can save hours of time each week. We'll have examples from multiple email programs, from Gmail to Outlook to Apple Mail. After that, we'll identify ways to be more productive with the time you and your clients spend processing email. Throughout the session, you will discover ways to maintain an organized inbox, and you will uncover the secrets to teaching clients to eliminate their email overwhelm. You will hear real-life examples from my experiences with clients to learn what works.