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CR 4-417 How to Succeed at Speaking for Fees

Wondering how you could qualify for the “Speaking for Fees” SIG? Bridging the gap from wannabe speaker or low-paid occasional speaker to well-paid professional can be a challenge if you don't know the steps to get there. This session will teach participants how to identify the specific niches that fit their specific talents and topics, and that pay for presentations to their audiences. Wherever you are along the journey, we'll teach you how to create speaking titles that sell, figure out who to contact to find out about paid speaking engagements in your niche, and the questions you should ask once you do contact them. We will review some of the best organizations and resources for taking your speaking to the next level, and how to decide which strategies are right for you. The session will be highly interactive so that you can come away with a plan targeted just for you and your specific goals, whether it's to add a little extra cash to your income stream or to bump your speaking up to more significant levels of income and professionalism.