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OD2-230 Project Management

Course Description:
Discover the power of implementing Project Management teamwork strategies for your larger projects. Learn how using Project Management best practices can support your more complex move management and home staging projects.

There are often many more moving parts to these more complicated projects. This course will discuss the unique obstacles you will confront and the value of lessons learned for continuous improvement. Gain more professionalism with your clients by implementing proven project management processes and procedures.

A Home Staging case study will provide a real-life example of applying Move Management principles to a complex Home Staging project.

Learning Goal:
Organizers and consultants will learn project management basics and apply principles and tools to simple and complex Move Management and Home Staging projects.
The client will benefit from a smooth successful project that has been well managed by you and your team/partners.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the value of Project Management for Move Management and Home Staging projects
  2. Discover Project Management tools and best practices to boost productivity and project outcomes.
  3. Learn Project Management strategies to empower teamwork.
  4. Apply Project Management principles to a complex Move Management and Home Staging case study.
Instructor: Colleen Ashe, June Carter
Time: 120 Minutes
CEUs: 1.5