OD2-214 Digital Disorganization and New Organizing Skills

Do your clients complain of lack of leisure, task incompletion, difficulty planning ahead, and being overwhelmed by e-clutter? Could be they’re ‘digitally disorganized’. This class traces their challenges to a society of free, endless, intangible and unrelenting information; and to a phenomenon known as ‘POP’, potential, possibility and opportunity. The organizational relief for digitally disorganized clients is not found in the use of yet more technology tools, apps, or cloud solutions, though these solutions do have their place. Rather, digitally disorganized clients need new organizing skills. Organizers will be introduced to new organizing skills: The New Done, Addressing POP, Triage, and Leisure Dividend Investment. Transferred to our clients, these new skills coupled with traditional organizing skills promises to create more leisure, enhance task completion, improve the ability to plan ahead, and better control e-clutter.