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OD 4-428 Life After 40: Finding a New Focus for the Future

Course Description
Learn to help your clients through life after 40. Turning 40 is a major milestone for most of your clients. They may have become new parents, they may have dropped their kids off at college, their college graduates may be moving back into the nest, and at times their aging parents are turning their household into multi generational homes. How do your clients experience change they weren’t prepared for?

Time and task management are the external part of your client’s world. It has been a long-standing part of the PO world. But how can we help clients explore the internal and external side of creating a new focus for the future. Learn what you need to know for helping your clients prepare for and navigate their next life transitions. More than ever, people are dealing with the changing work landscape, at the same time the kids are flying and the parents are returning. Using your skills as a Professional Organizer can help them achieve a smoother transition.

Learning Objectives

1. Develop a better understanding of the different levels of Life Transitions.
2. Learn at least 5 changes you can help you life transitions clients make that will help them find a new focus. 
3. Improve your level of comfort when working with clients overwhelming life transitions.
4.  Learn how to recognize when you need to help your clients find additional support.
5. Increase your awareness of how life transitions can be debilitating to some clients. 

Instructor: Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton
Total Time: 2 hours 
CEUs: 2.0
Code Words
Please be sure to listen for and record the code words given during the presentation. The instructor will explicitly verbalize code words periodically throughout the class (i.e. "The first code word is...") Note: Not all instructors give code words. If you do not hear any, please indicate "none given" on the course evaluation.