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Ask The Pro - Productivity for Beginners

This is a new “Look, Listen, Act” format using Zoom Webinar and fillable PDF worksheet.

Questions this seminar will answer

  • Is there a difference between being productive & being organized?
  • Is it OK to call myself a productivity consultant?
  • As a residential organizer, how can I incorporate productivity consulting into my services offered?
  • What are some of the must-know tech tools, tips & terminology being used today?
During this seminar you will explore the following
  • Definition of Productivity
    - Why is it relevant to you personally
    - Why is it relevant to you professionally
  • Definition of Time Management
  • Difference between Time Management + Productivity
  • Calendaring
  • Lists user? How do you list?
  • Files are Everywhere - Evernote, Google Docs, Dropbox, iCloud = Overwhelm
  • Email Folders - number you have, system/method you use with clients
  • Types of Digital Productivity - 2 avenues flow: managing tech coming at us, decide on tech to use and why - new people
  • Gurus, books, online resources outside of NAPO

Ask The Pro (ATP) Host
Geralin Thomas, Metropolitan Organizing®, LLC

The Guests
Casey Moore, The Productivity Coach
Kathy Vines, Clever Girl Organizing
Emily Parks, Organize For Success®
Tenna Rasmussen, Organized to a T