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CPO® Exam Preparation Course (OD4-432)

This course is designed for professional organizers intending to take the Certified Professional Organizer (CPO) Exam. Participants may be considering qualifying for and completing the exam or already have qualified and registered for it.

The course materials include a 75 minute recorded presentation with Study Guide, two (2) 20-minute study session videos that may be used by individuals or within a study group, access to sample test questions, and a 25 minute wrap up video session intended to be used at the end of the study process and before the CPO candidate completes the exam period.

The duration of the course and study sessions videos is ~3 hours.

Course and study session video topics include:
  • Why organizers should consider completing the CPO Exam
  • Qualifying and applying to take the CPO exam
  • How to create and support the individual learner journey
  • What, where and how to study to prepare for the examination
  • Determine if working with a study group is for you, and how to create and manage a study group
  • How to access the exam prep suggested references and resources
  • The importance of self care in the study process
  • Tracking study progress and
  • Specifics and logistics for the exam date

Learning Goals
By the end of this learning experience, CPO® exam candidates will be well-prepared to successfully complete the CPO® exam.

Exam candidates will receive guided instruction and coaching (through recorded videos) of the exam experience, the opportunity to develop their study plan, collaborate in study group activities, and practice + debrief sample exam questions.

Learning Objectives
  • Confirm eligibility to become a CPO® based on the outlined requirements
  • Utilize the BCPO Handbook, instruction and cohort videos, and resources to develop your study plan
  • Apply mindset methods and learn test-taking techniques to increase your capabilities and confidence
  • Execute an individual study plan and achieve milestones
  • Collaborate within a study group to discuss and share resource content, prepare each other to take the exam with study aids, practice with sample questions
  • Comply with exam application deadlines and steps and exam day rules and regulations
To interact with the links provided on slides throughout the course, please refer to the course Study Guide or attached Slide Handouts on the Resources tab within each presentation.

NAPO Certification