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The Professional Practices Courses

The Professional Practices Coursework offered by NAPO® is designed to establish a basic knowledge for Organizing and Productivity Professionals, and to provide a path to Professional Member status. Being a Professional Member allows you to:

  • Become searchable in NAPO's public directory
  • Earn a Specialist Certificate
  • Apply to become a NAPO University Instructor
  • Join a Special Interest Group (SIG)
  • Vote in Board Elections

Do you know what you don’t know? Practitioners enter this industry from all walks of life, with all levels of education and experience, and with every variety of personal and professional values, goals, and tactical approaches. How can we organize a curriculum for such a diverse group, ensuring everyone has been exposed to our core fundamentals without being too basic or too advanced?

This certificate serves as the introduction to the entirety of the NAPO curriculum. In this gateway capacity, it offers foundational first looks at topics that are presented in depth in later courses, and also provides deep dives into topics that are of universal importance to all professional organizers and productivity consultants, regardless of specialization. With this certificate, you’ll become aware of what you do know, what you don’t yet know, and how to discern those knowns and unknowns in your peers and clients.

Total Time: 11.5 hours
CEUs: 11.5

What You'll Learn:

  • a deeper understanding of interpersonal dynamics between you and your clients and peers
  • greater knowledge and integration of key theories and concepts underlying our two industry pillars of organizing and productivity, including professionalism, ethics, safety, cybersecurity, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)
  • a stronger ability to discuss industry concepts, pitfalls, trends, and best practices with colleagues, clients, and professionals outside of our industry
  • increased clarity about your professional goals, direction, and options within the industry
  • insight into the extent of your boundaries of competence and ways in which you can expand them
  • the ability to identify a path within the overall NAPO curriculum to acquire deeper learning in your chosen areas of practice
  • expanded awareness of resources for further study about organizing and productivity in general as well as the specific areas of professionalism, ethics, safety, cybersecurity, and DEI
  • align their practices with foundational concepts of organizing, productivity, and industry professionalism
  • recognize and apply theories of ethical practice in their business operations and interactions with clients and peers
  • incorporate strategies for risk reduction and safe practice into their client work
  • utilize cybersecurity best practices in their business operations and share related knowledge and tools with clients
  • recognize both the ethical and the practical importance and benefits of supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in business, and operate in congruence with DEI principles

The Classes
Provisional Members must successfully complete all courses to advance to Professional Member status.

Additional Information
  • You have 365 days to access all courses within this bundle.
  • Bundles are only available to NAPO members.
  • NOTE: Please allow 5-7 business days for your membership status to be automatically upgraded from Provisional to Professional. You will receive confirmation from NAPO at that time.
  • NOTE: You do NOT need to retake courses you have previously completed. If you have previously completed a course (section) within this certificate, please email so we can give you credit for that section.