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Keeping Your Remodeling Business Safe and Managing Risk Webinar Series

This webinar series has been created to assist remodeling businesses in identifying a variety of common risks inherent to the business of remodeling. Additionally, this webinar will offer perspectives and solutions related to preventing, avoiding and managing risks in different strategic areas of a remodeling business.

The following six webinars in this series will help you run your remodeling business in a way that protects it from and/or minimizes the impact of the following threats:

  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Personal injury
  • Property damage
  • Challenges to its reputation

This series includes the following six webinars:

1. Keeping Your Business Safe and Managing Risk (series introduction and overview)
2. Safe Business Practices Start With Management and Administration
3. Business Practices to Protect the Financial Health of Your Remodeling Business
4. Safe Business Practices Related to Marketing and Sales
5. Safe Business Practices when Designing and Building
6. Safe Business Practices for Managing Communications and Remodeling Personnel