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Job Costing with QuickBooks Desktop

One of the most important things you can learn about your business is whether (and where) you’re making or losing money. The session will look at the process of creating a job budget (estimate) in QuickBooks and populating job-related reports with actual costs so you know where you stand throughout the production process and by the end of the job.

Specific areas covered will be:

  • Understanding the difference in levels of detail required in the estimate process vs. the job costing process
  • Review the importance of aligning estimating and job costing categories
  • Creating a QuickBooks estimate (the basis of comparing actual costs to budgeted costs)
  • Populating job cost reports
  • Getting fully burdened labor costs into QuickBooks job cost reports (whether you run in-house payroll or outsource it)
  • Interpreting reports
  • Creating and tracking change orders
This session is geared towards intermediate QuickBooks users, specifically those whose existing setups aren’t giving them the information they need.