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Focus on the Framework National Presenter Orientation

Welcome to the Focus on the Framework (FoF) National Presenter Orientation.  This orientation is a training that has been specifically tailored and created to the meet the needs of presenters who will present programs in the National Association of School Nurses Focus on the Framework series.

Presenters will have 45 days to complete this orientation. The 45-day timeline begins on October 19, 2019.  Presenters will have received a communication by email guiding them to this orientation.  The progress of presenters will be monitored by NASN and follow-up communications will be sent as needed.

Presenters are required to review all content included in the orientation. Upon completion, presenters will receive a certificate of completion.  The orientation content to be reviewed includes knowledge assessments, presentations*, activity sheets, FAQs, articles, and more. 

How to complete this orientation:

Please read this instruction page before you begin.

I. Enroll

1. Be sure to sign in on this website.
2. Select the purchase button below this instruction page to enroll. To enroll, you must be a Focus on the Framework national presenter. NOTE: There is no cost for this item but you will be directed to the e-commerce system. The orientation should already be in your shopping cart (look for the shopping cart icon at the top of the e-commerce web page). Complete the shopping cart check-out process. Receive a confirmation email with a link back to this orientation so you can move to the next steps.

II. Open and complete the pretest. (This and all content is located below this instruction page; scroll down to find it.) 

III. Review all content.
1. Open the program introduction section and review all content.
2. Open the administrative information section and review all content.
3. Open the developing your presentation skills section and review all content.
4. Open the module training: standards of practice section and review all content.*
5. Open the module training: care coordination section and review all content.*
6. Open the module training: quality improvement section and review all content.*
7. Open the module training: community/public health section and review all content.*
8. Open the non-module specific information section and review all content.
9. Complete the review.

IV. Open and pass the posttest.

V. Earn a certificate of completion.

*Presentations can be fast forwarded. 

Remember, all content must be reviewed and a certificate of completion earned within 45-days following the orientation launch date of October 19, 2019.

NOTE: If the believe you have reviewed all the content and are unable to access the certificate of completion, please review an audit of your activity. To find this, click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen. Once directed to your activity, select "library" to review which content has not been marked as completed and which has not.  

If you have questions, please reach out to Danielle Harris at