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PDP Course: Fundamentals of IS-BAO

This PDP Course will provide attendees with a deeper understanding of the IS-BAO and safety management systems (SMS). The information provided in this workshop will enable attendees to confidently start the IS-BAO implementation process or prepare for a registration audit. For those that have already implemented the IS-BAO, this workshop will reinforce the current understanding of the IS-BAO and SMS while providing information on key changes to the standard

Each module will contain presentation materials with follow up discussion questions. To receive credit, please complete the discussion questions.Please post any questions that you have in the discussion area and the course, and the adminstrator will get back to you as quickly as possible. At the end of the course, to receive a completion certificate through IBAC for the Fundamentals of IS-BAO workshop, please email, please email to schedule a time to have a phone discussion with the course administrator.