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Contract Management Competency Assessment

The Contract Management Competency Assessment measures contract managers' professional capability based on NCMA's ANSI-accredited Contract Management Standard™(CMS). The assessment is designed to capture demonstrated experience with essential contract management competencies and job tasks under five key domains of the contract management lifecycle.

Buyer and Seller Assessments:
The CMS™ further breaks down the five domains by buyer-specific and seller-specific job tasks. Each Buyer and Seller section below contains assessments for each domain designed to assess experience with relevant buyer and seller job tasks. NCMA encourages all contract managers to try out the assessments from both perspectives to gain an understanding of their buyer or seller counterparts.

After completing each assessment, you will receive a resulting level/score for that domain and have the option to print a report of the results for your records. These results are intended as a tool to help guide your professional development journey as well as map to the most appropriate resources. You can re-visit or re-take the assessments as many times as you wish.

Buyer and Seller Resources:
Each section also contains curated resources for each domain, targeted to buyers or sellers and organized by relevant job tasks and levels. Resources are are a mix of downloadable articles and available complimentary and paid courses. 

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