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COVID-19 and Contracting, Breaking Down Recent Guidance

COVID-19 has had sudden and real effects on contract management. This webinar will address some of the most pressing near-term issues impacting both contractors and the government. What can and should you do in this emergency situation. We will discuss:

  • Additional government assistance to contractors: CARES Act sick leave, increased progress payments, and other financial tools in the toolbox.
  • Contract delays: What types of delays are excusable, and how can contractors and the government deal with them?
  • Contract changes and increased costs of performance: When is an equitable adjustment allowed, and how should it be prepared and processed?
  • The Defense Production Act: The (traditional) DOD DPAS system and the new HHS Defense Production Act authority: how to navigate the new environment.
  • (Avoiding) The False Claims Act: You think you knew oversight and enforcement before: It is just getting started.
CMBOK® Competencies: 2.0 Management, 3.4 Regulatory Compliance, 6.0 Post-Award