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ENLS Version 3.0 Manuscript

The purpose of the Emergency Neurological Life Support (ENLS) course is focused on improving care during the first hours of contact for patients with acute neurological emergencies. The structure of the ENLS course is based on the concept that a standardized approach to diagnosis, stabilization, and early work up and management will improve functional outcomes for these patients. Special attention is placed on timely collection of relevant data which can be communicated effectively to consultants from the emergency department setting. The 14 ENLS modules span a broad range of neurologic emergencies and include modules detailing aspects of general emergency medicine and critical care that need to be specifically tailored to the patient with acute nervous system illness or injury. The ENLS modules present a step wise approach to early clinical care and each module contains an initial algorithm, a checklist of important clinical points and a list of information needed for communication to improve transitions across care settings.

ENLS Version 3.0 includes content that has been updated with three areas of emphasis in mind:

  • More directive algorithms and specific information in checklists
  • Incorporation of aspects essential to providing nursing care for patients with acute neurological emergencies
  • Attention to consistency with published guidelines from the Neurocritical Care Society as well as our sister societies involved in emergency and critical care of patients
This revised version of ENLS continues to provide an algorithmic approach to the early stages of clinical care for patients with acute neurological emergencies. It also will serve as a springboard for ongoing education and improvements in the quality of clinical care for these patients.

The ENLS Version 3.0 manuscripts are collated and available in a bound, print version. The book is 175 pages with color figures printed on glossy paper. This course companion is available for $50 per individual copy.