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Episode 26: Early Sustained Prophylactic Hypothermia and Neurologic Outcomes Following Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

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Dr. Chris Zammit interviews Professor Alistair Nichol on the methods and results of the recently published POLAR trial, which sought to determine the safety and efficacy of early hypothermia in patients with severe TBI.

The NCS Podcast is the official podcast of the Neurocritical Care Society. Our senior producer is Jim Siegler. Our host is Fawaz Almufti, and our production staff includes Ramani Balu, Michael Brogan, Joshua Levine, Sarah Stern-Nezer, Benjamin Miller, Starane Shepherd, and Chris Zammit. Our administrative staff include Becca Stickney, Sara Memmen, and Angel Gindele. Music by Lee Roosevere.


  • Alistair Nichol

    Alistair is an Associate Professor in the ANZIC-RC, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University, and a consultant intensivist in The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne. Following completion of a PhD at University College Dublin, Alistair commenced with the ANZIC-RC in 2007 and has worked on a number of its large multi-centre randomised controlled trials. He is currently one of the Chief Investigators on the EPO-TBI (Erythropoietin in Traumatic Brain Injury) Study and is actively involved with the POLAR-RCT (Prophylactic hypOthermia trail to Lessen trAumatic bRain injury Randomised Control Trial) Study and the PHARLAP Study. His areas of interest include traumatic brain injury (TBI), acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and mechanical ventilation. Alistair has completed over 10 years of training in Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine. He was awarded the Fellowship of the College of Anaesthetists, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (FCARCSI) in 2002, and the Fellowship of the College of Intensive Care Medicine Australia and New Zealand (FCICM) in 2010. Alistair is also a Victorian Neurotrauma Initiative (VNI) Early Career Practitioner Fellow.