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Episode 50: Determination of Brain Death/Death by Neurologic Criteria: The World Brain Death Project

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Join Dr. Fawaz Al-Mufti as he interviews Drs. David Greer and Gene Sung on their article, "Determination of Brain Death/Death by Neurologic Criteria: The World Brain Death Project."

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The NCS Podcast is the official podcast of the Neurocritical Care Society. Our senior producer is Bonnie Rossow. Our host is Fawaz Almufti, and our production staff includes Ramani Balu, Michael Brogan, Joshua Levine, Sarah Stern-Nezer, Benjamin Miller, Starane Shepherd, and Chris Zammit. Our administrative staff includes Bonnie Rossow and Angel Gindele. Music by Mohan Kottapally.


  • David Greer, MD, MA FCCM, FAHA, FNCS, FAAN, FANA

    Dr. David Greer is Professor and Chair of the Department of Neurology at Boston University School of Medicine and the Richard B. Slifka Chief of Neurology at Boston Medical Center.

    Dr. Greer is the editor-in-chief of Seminars in Neurology, and the past editor-in-chief for Neurocritical Care on Call. He has authored more than 350 peer-reviewed manuscripts, reviews, chapters, guidelines and books.

    He was the 2022 recipient of the American Academy of Neurology’s A.B. Baker Award for Lifetime Achievement in Neurology Education, and has been a devoted mentor and teacher to many students, residents, fellows and faculty.

    His research interests include predicting recovery from coma after cardiac arrest, brain death, and multiple stroke-related topics, including acute stroke treatment, temperature modulation and stroke prevention.

  • Gene Sung, MD

    Dr. Sung is Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology and the Director of Neurocritical Care at LAC+USC. He is a recognized leader in both fields of stroke and neurocritical care. He was a founding member of both the international Neurocritical Care Society (and its current vice-President) and the Western States Stroke Consortium (and its current President). He is also a founder of the journal Neurocritical Care and its current associate editor. Furthermore, he has had leadership roles in many national organizations, including the American Academy of Neurology, American Stroke Association and the National Stroke Association and has published and reviewed articles for many journals and has been an invited lecturer in conference throughout the world.

    Dr. Sung’s research interests include stroke outcomes, critical care management of stroke, intracranial pressure, cerebral reperfusion, and hypothermia. He is the principal investigator for several investigator-initiated and industry-sponsored translation research projects and he recently received funding to examine outcomes in telemedicine delivery of stroke care.