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Soporte Vital de Emergencias Neurológicas - Español

I. Welcome to the Neurocritical Care Society's Soporte Vital de Emergencias Neurológicas - Español! 
Thank you for enrolling in NCS's ENLS course. This course is comprised of 14 protocols and reference topics. Each protocol was designed and written by neurointensivists and emergency medicine physicians. These protocols are designed to provide the same advice an expert in neurocritical care would provide if you called the physician for a consult and asked, “what should I do in the first hour to best help this patient and hand them off to you?”. This online course will give you the relevant background to these protocols so you feel more comfortable using them in practice.

II. How to take this course
Each protocol is listed below. Each topic has an introduction that lists learning objectives and a graphic representation of the protocol. In addition, there is a checklist of items to complete and suggested items to communicate when handing off the patient. The next section is an item-by-item description of each node in the protocol figure, and mirrors the online protocols. The third section provides a download of the original Neurocritical Care Journal manuscript giving the evidence basis for these suggestions. Lecture slides are included in the fourth section, and the last section provides a multiple choice exam for the topic.

Students have up to 12 months to complete the course and may log on/off as many times as needed. They will continue to have unlimited access to the course and materials during enrollment, and then for the duration of their 2-year certification. If the course content is updated, students will have immediate access.

III. Certifying in ENLS
Certification is achieved when each exam is passed with a score of 70% or higher, and after a feedback module is completed. Students may take the exams as many times as necessary. Upon successful completion of the course exams and the feedback module, you will have the option to download the ENLS Certificate.

Please click here to view the NCS Legal Disclaimer for Emergency Neurological Life Support (ENLS).