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09.24.2019 | Load Testing of Existing Structures

Full scale structural load testing is typically performed to verify the capacity of a structure, test a repair, or at the direction of a building official. Various codes exist with load testing procedures to be followed. Safety of the structure and personnel performing the test is of utmost importance during the testing.

This webinar will consist of a description of how load tests have been conducted using case studies of projects spanning the past 40 years. The case studies will highlight various loading mediums, such as water containers, hydraulic rams, lead ingots, and other items commonly found on a construction site, such as CMU block. The case studies will also include information regarding why the test was conducted and present pertinent findings.

  • Course will award 1.5 hours of continuing education
  • This course is Diamond Review approved in 49 states. New York does not accept hours from recordings.