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07.12.16 | Rehabilitation of Timber Structures

Rehabilitating timber members is required when existing members are subjected to increased loading requirements such as occurs with changes to the building codes. Often the allowable stresses used at the time the members were designed are found to be unconservatively high. Changes in the end use of a structure or the members may add new loading to members or the members may be decayed or damaged.

Timber trusses can be rehabilitated by reinforcing members, adding post-tensioning systems or by replacing sawn members with stronger glulam members.

Beams can be reinforced or post-tensioned to add bending strength. Beam shear failures can be reinforced with steel dowels in epoxy filled holes and beam stiffness and strength can be increased by adding additional laminations.

  • Course will award 1.5 hours of continuing education
  • This course is Diamond Review approved in 49 states. New York does not accept hours from recordings.