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SEAOI/NCSEA 17th Annual Bridge Symposium: Day 2


Schedule of Events:

12:00-12:30 PM
Education Session #3: FIU Pedestrian Bridge Collapse Forensic Investigation
On March 15, 2018, the 175-foot-long post tensioned concrete FIU UniversityCity Prosperity pedestrian bridge collapsed over US Route 41 in southeastern Florida, resulting in six fatalities and injuring eight others. The bridge utilized a unique sculptural design incorporating a concrete truss and was constructed using the Florida International University’s Accelerated Bridge Construction technique. The structure was intended to be a signature landmark for the University. Mr. Nacheman and Mr. Pinto mobilized to the collapse site on March 18, 2018 on behalf of their client, one of the major insurance carriers directly involved with the design and construction team for the bridge. They were tasked with documenting the post-loss condition of the bridge, performing a detailed structural analysis to determine the cause and origin of the collapse, evidence collection, and developing conceptual repair/retrofit design options.
Perry Pinto, PE and Scott G. Nacheman, MSc Eng, AIA

12:30-1:00 PM
Education Session #4: FIU Pedestrian Bridge Collapse: Testing of Full-Size Replicas of Failed Connection
WJE was engaged by FIGG to carry out independent studies related to the collapse of the FIU pedestrian bridge. Among other studies, WJE developed and tested full-sized specimens to evaluate the significance of NTSB’s finding that the construction joint between the northernmost diagonal and deck was left in an as-placed condition rather than intentionally roughened as required by the project specifications. WJE’s tests demonstrated that had the construction joint been roughened as required by FDOT Standard Specifications, which were reconfirmed by e-mail prior to construction, the collapse would not have occurred. As such, WJE concluded that the collapse was due to a construction error rather than design.
Gary J. Klein, PE, SE

1:00-1:15 PM 

1:15-1:17 PM
Exhibitor Presentation #2:
BendTec, presented by Wendy Meierhoff-Aldrich

1:17-1:47 PM
Education Session #5: Load Rating of Steel Substructure Units in Unconventional Steel Bridges
This presentation is about performing detailed level 1 load rating calculations of complex steel substructures for bridges in New York City. Previously, substructure ratings were not required as a part of the biennial inspection program but now, rating steel substructures are required. This presentation details the challenges we faced, and the overall procedure developed to perform the rating calculations.
Antonio Feng, EIT

1:47-1:54 PM
Pearl #1: A CM/GC Approach for the Design of a Two-Girder Horizontally Curved Pedestrian Bridge
A CM/GC Approach for the Design of a Two-Girder Horizontally Curved Pedestrian Bridge
This presentation focuses on the unique design features and practical lessons learned for refined analysis of a unique two-girder pedestrian bridge. It will bring to light some of the benefits of the CM/CG process on complex bridge projects and its impact during the design phase. Discussion of a commonsense approach to investigating redundancy in pedestrian bridges will be presented.

Kenneth D. Price, PE, SE

1:54-1:57 PM
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The registration fee for the Bridge Symposium is $395 for members ($600 for nonmembers), which includes all 7 hours of live education (Please note: the PDH for recordings may not equal to 7 hours of education).
  • Purchase all 4 webinars in the Seminar and have access to the recordings for 1 Year.
  • Recording will be made available after the final date or presentations on Aug. 27, 2020.
  • Each registration is per person. As a result, only the registrant will be able to receive PDHs. Have a group of 5 or more? Contact NCSEA to receive a group discount.

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  • Perry Pinto, PE

    Perry Pinto, PE, currently works at Envista Forensics, a global, multi-disciplinary forensic engineering consulting firm, where he provides initial response, condition assessment, cause and origin determination, and forensic evaluation of structures damaged by natural disasters, collapses, fires, building envelope failures, and other large and complex losses. Prior to joining Envista, Mr. Pinto worked in the power industry successfully contributing to the completion of complex structural engineering projects for more than a decade. He specialized in the design and analysis of safety related structures for nuclear generating facilities.

  • Scott G. Nacheman, MSc.Eng., AIA

    Scott G. Nacheman, MSc.Eng., AIA, serves as Practice Leader – Major Loss Group at Envista Forensics. During Mr. Nacheman’s more than 22-year career he has been involved with many facets of emergency response and structural stabilization efforts including work with the Fire Service in NY and Illinois as well as Federal and State Urban Search & Rescue teams. Scott earned Masters Degrees in both Architecture and Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and regularly authors and provides instruction on topics of emergency response, damage assessment and building collapse rescue operations. As an expert, he has testified in numerous matters.

  • Gary J. Klein, PE, SE

    Gary J. Klein, PE, SE, is Executive Vice President and for Senior Principal for Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. For 40 years, Gary Klein has studied and delivered solutions for buildings and bridges suffering from deterioration, distress or failure. He has investigated numerous structural collapses including the 2018 collapse of the FIU pedestrian bridge in Miami. Mr. Klein, a licensed structural engineer, has authored more than 40 papers. In 2016, Mr. Klein was elected to the National Academy of Engineering for sharing lessons learned from infrastructure failure investigations.

  • Antonio Feng, EIT

    Antonio Feng, EIT, has over 3 years of structural and transportation design experience in buildings and transportation infrastructure. He has experience working with private developers and public state agencies such as MassDOT, LIRR, NYDOT, NYCT and BTD. He also serves as an assistant load rating engineer for the load rating work Stantec's NYC office performs with NYSDOT in Region 11.

  • Kenneth D. Price, PE, SE

    Ken has over 42 years of experience in the bridge world. He is now the Regional Director for Complex Bridges Central Region with WSP USA.
    Ken has been involved with various significant innovations on signature bridges, large and small, for his entire career.

  • BendTec

    Throughout our 100 year history, BendTec has built a reputation for high-quality, technically sound steel bending, and fabrication that spans multiple industries and has received worldwide recognition for our expertise, dependability and innovation. Our advanced fabrication facilities and in-house induction bending capabilities allow BendTec to continually strive for innovation that ensures a positive outcome for our customers.

August 13, 2020
Thu 12:00 PM CDT

Duration 2H 0M

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