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1.29.13 | Wind series #1 – Basics of MWFRS & CC Loads

This course is part 1 in a series of webinars that will guide practicing engineers through the process of determining and applying wind loads on structures using the latest ASCE 7 standard. Part 1 will cover the basic steps that an engineer must follow to calculate wind loads on any structure using the wind load provisions of ASCE 7-10. The major changes to the standard from ASCE 7-05 will be highlighted. The webinar will cover the general requirements that must be considered when determining both main wind-force resisting system and component and cladding design pressures. Once the basic steps are examined, the application of main wind-force resisting loads using the directional or “all heights” procedure will be discussed. A brief example will be worked to illustrate the process. The series will continue with an in depth discussion of component and cladding loads, wind tunnel testing, and wind loads on non-standard building configurations in parts 2-5.