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Strategic Thinking for Structural Engineers: From Firm Management to Day-to-Day Project Execution

The daily actions and decisions we make as structural engineers can have broad implications that are more impactful to your business than you think. Decisions made without larger context are often not the best decisions for your clients or your firm. Strategic thinkers understand how their actions and decisions help support their firm’s competitive position and success. Whether you are focusing on project decisions or your firm’s big picture and direction, strategic thinking will help you make better decisions with better outcomes for you, your clients, and your company. Designed for all levels of structural engineers, from design engineers to principals, this web event will help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to practice strategic thinking in your daily actions and responsibilities.

This webinar series, delivered over three weeks in three 1.5-hour webinars, will help you think more strategically about your firm’s choices, initiatives, clients, and projects. It is different than other courses in that it was designed specifically for structural engineers. The sessions will ask questions and utilize specific examples that structural engineers and managers face as strategic thinking is examined from overall firm management to daily project decisions. The presenter, Jared Jamison, understands the challenges and needs of structural engineers because he spent nearly half of his career designing bridges and buildings on a daily basis.

This unique interactive webinar series includes two different bonuses to help you advance your strategic mindset and apply it daily:

  • A Strategic Action Playbook designed specifically for YOU by the speaker, Jared Jamison, that will support you during the presentations and continue enhancing your firms success after the live event. The Strategic Action Playbook includes: summaries of key concepts, exercises to help build your strategic thinking, exercises for you and your team to apply to your firm, and tools to help guide strategic decision-making on a daily basis!
  • Access to an interactive forum for all attendees to connect with one another and the speaker. Questions, ideas and solutions can be discussed and debated throughout the event.

The registration fee for the Seminar is $395 for members ($500 for nonmembers), which includes all 4.5 hours of education. Each individual webinar can be purchased separately for $195 for members ($250 for nonmembers).
  • Purchase all 3 webinars in the Seminar and have access to the recordings for 1 Year.
  • Each seminar purchase is per office location. If your firm is operating remotely, please review the Webinar FAQ's on how to accommodate multiple users from the same location.

Please note: These webinars are not included in the NCSEA Webinar Subscription.

Schedule of Events
Part 1 - Strategic Thinking: What it is and How to Do it - RECORDING NOW AVAILABLE!

Strategic thinking requires knowledge, insight, and the ability to think systemically. This session will focus on building these skills by answering the questions “what is strategy and what is strategic thinking?” and how they drive success. It will also describe tools that can provide the insights necessary to make good strategic decisions. Participants will use interactive exercises to help them think through their firm’s strategy and how it helps them win.

Part 2 - Strategy in Action: Strategic Choices - RECORDING NOW AVAILABLE!

Successful strategy requires making choices and trade-offs. This session will describe the strategic choices firms must make and describe tools they can use to help establish and strengthen their strategy. Understanding these choices will provide the focus necessary for effective strategic thinking at all levels of an organization. Differentiated example firms will be used to illustrate these concepts. Participants will use interactive exercises to help them think through the strategic choices their firms must make to focus and guide their future decision making.

Part 3 - Strategy in Action: Day-to-Day Decisions - RECORDING NOW AVAILABLE!

Great firm strategy will be most successful if it can translate to day-to-day actions for everyone in the firm. This session will describe why strategy cannot always be planned and how it can be allowed to emerge through daily decisions by utilizing effective strategic thinking. Building on what they have learned in the first two sessions, participants will use interactive exercises to help them think systemically about how their actions and decisions affect the firm’s strategy and how they can be shaped by their own strategic thinking on a daily basis, no matter what their position in the firm is. They will also learn how to effectively set personal objectives to support their firm’s overall strategy. This will help both the firm and the participant be more successful over the long term.

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