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09.13.2022 | What to Do When a Client asks for a Resilient Building

Because resilience is a buzzword (and so are many erroneous forms of its use), clients are starting to simply request ‘resilient buildings’. We know that buildings cannot be resilient, but we don’t want to just tell them this fact. Many structural engineers want to be able to carefully guide the client toward understanding that a high-performance building is what they seek. Because building design is in our wheelhouse, we can then talk expertly about achieving enhanced objectives using performance-based design or similar techniques. Resilience is typically focused on natural hazard response and recovery, so the question is a bit different when considering each specific hazard. This webinar will present some ways to guide discussions with clients as they consider wind, flood, earthquake and wildfire hazards.

  • Course will award  hours of continuing education
  • This course is Diaond Review approved in 49 states. New York does not accept hours from recordings.