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12.07.17 | Special Inspection for Wood Construction - An overview for Engineers and Inspectors

Up until the 2006 International Building Code (IBC), the code requirements for special inspection of wood light framed construction were limited solely to high load diaphragms and fabricated members. Quality assurance of wood light-framed construction outside of this work was limited and to a degree undefined. Starting with the 2006 IBC, special inspection became required for all the elements of the lateral force resisting system in wood framed structures where the fastener spacing in the horizontal diaphragms and/or the vertical shear walls is 4 inches and less. There is, however, no established standard that details the procedures and requirements for special inspection of wood framing like there is for other building materials such as concrete and structural steel. This can make it difficult for design professionals, building officials, and testing and inspection agencies to determine how to properly special inspect wood framed structures. This webinar is intended to help engineers and inspectors interpret the wood special inspection provisions in the 2015 IBC and provide recommendations for how to incorporate these provisions into construction contract documents and quality assurance programs.

Webinar Topics:

  1. History and background of special inspection of wood construction
  2. Code requirements
  3. Interpretation of Code requirements and implementation
  4. Specifying wood special inspection on construction documents

Webinar Learning Objectives:
  1. For design professionals, building officials and special inspectors to understand the history and background of special inspection for wood construction.
  2. For design professionals, building officials, and special inspectors to know and understand the provisions for special inspection of wood framing that are in the IBC.
  3. For design professionals and special inspectors to have an understanding of the tasks to be performed when inspecting wood framed construction.
  4. For design professionals to learn various methods for specifying special inspection of wood framing on the construction documents.

  • Course will award 1.5 hours of continuing education
  • This course is Diamond Review approved in 49 states. New York does not accept hours from recordings.